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  • My Book

    Oct, 2018

    My book is coming out in December, here is a glimpse from the introduction… A Very Nervous Child I look back at my school reports when I was at boarding school in 1988. I was getting good marks, but I was perceived as a “very… Read More

  • 2018

    Oct, 2018

    What a year so far. My little boy has gone into year one and has an actual real life school time table now! It seemed like he was in a push chair a few days ago. I’ve reflected a lot on time this year and… Read More

  • Autumn Leaves

    New Beginnings

    Oct, 2017

    2017 has been the year of new beginnings, new house, new clients and Sam starting school. I love this time of year, and although I’m swamped in training and development, I make walking through the colourful leaves in Richmond Park a daily priority.   With all… Read More

  • Politics and Presentation

    Jun, 2017

    Last week was a big week for politics, resulting in a hung parliament. Exciting or uncertain times? Who knows? It was interesting to see the different campaigns delivered by Labour and Conservatives and what struck me was the relationship between presentation and politics. The labour leader,… Read More

  • Remain/Brexit

    Jun, 2016

    I’m in. There are two sides to the immigration issue, food issue, sovereignty issue, economy issue and blabla issue but it all seems so complicated, doesn’t it?  In fact, surely it’s the experts that can only truly understand.   Every time I read an article, tweet… Read More