• A woman in a male dominated environment…

    Mar, 2016

    I read an interesting article, in the times recently, on the exceptionally talented Maureen Sherry and how she joined the wolves in Wall Street. She describes what went during on her time on the trading floor, for example the deals sealed at strip clubs, sex… Read More

  • Study Skills


    Mar, 2016

    What a year so far! It seems that several companies are looking to go back to basics, within training and development, with a fresh demand for the traditional and robust presentation training programmes. Yes, we live in a digital age, with emails and mobiles, but… Read More

  • 5 Things we’ve discovered about standing out in an interview

    Sep, 2015

    Demonstrate a confident handshake. The first physical contact with the interviewer will indicate your level of confidence and self esteem. Don’t be flimsy and don’t over do it. Practice a confident handshake with a smile. Reveal that you have the ability to learn lessons from… Read More

  • Mindfulness

    Aug, 2015

    Some top tips for keeping calm and focussed…

  • Dealing with a toxic colleague

    Aug, 2015

    I’m often asked how to deal with the ‘toxic’ colleague. I was coaching a client last week who was feeling flat, and unmotivated, due to rumours that a colleague has been gathering a case for her dismissal. My client (we’ll call her x) convinced herself… Read More