• Body Language

    Jun, 2013

    Fabulous week! Mixture of Retail clients and Finance.  Regardless of industry, most people feel a lack of confidence and find it hard to present so this work is valuable for all.  People respond to open and warm body language. Watch yourself in front of the… Read More

  • Training

    May, 2013

    We had a great week!  I ran a presentation at Norton Rose for WIN (Women in Norton Rose) and their clients based on managing confidence. It was a lot of fun and well received. There are several ways for women to manage confidence but it’s… Read More

  • Norton Rose Presentation

    May, 2013

    A fabulous evening presenting at Norton Rose this week. Internal and external clients, at Norton Rose,  joined me to explore ‘Managing Confidence’. I introduced them to ideas about how to improve business relationships, be more effective in appraisals and recreate the best of themselves under… Read More

  • Welcome to the brand new website

    Feb, 2013

    Welcome to the brand new website! I’ve just had a beautiful baby boy but still loving work at ielevate. At the moment I’m being strict with time and running 2/3 training days a month which is the perfect balance!  However, the fabulous Jo Behari is… Read More