Training for Business

Presenting with Impact and Presence

Learning this skills has life changing results.  Getting people to listen to you is more important than preparing hours of content (a common mistake people make).  Very few people naturally get and hold other people’s attention during presentations.  This presentation skills workshop offers practical techniques to hook the audience.  It:

  • Is a fun and effective session
  • Helps cope with nerves
  • Increases your presence
  • Develops ways to get the message across memorably in all situations 


Quality Interactions 

Interactions are all about the relationship with one another and how others are being treated. A company get’s transformational results when others understand how to have quality interactions:

  • Has a positive impact on the company’s culture and growth
  • Creates high morals and high levels of motivation
  • Encourages people to think about themselves and their impact on others
  • Gives people practical ideas to take the ‘adult’ approach to a conflict and avoid disunion.


Team Vision and Building

In Team Vision and Building a company’s direction is explored and discovered. Through this a lot is gained:

  • Heightens motivational levels
  • Ensures everyone agrees
  • Equips with a more positive mind-set
  • Motivates


Courageous Conversations

A survey indicated that 85% of people, here in Europe as well as the States would rather not speak up about problems in their organisations. Companies that notice the importance of courageous conversation are proven to move forward positively:

  • Creates a safe working culture
  • Dismisses fear from speaking up
  • Deals with EGO
  • Prepares for different outcomes


Delivering Feedback

People are far more likely to accept feedback if you have a good relationship with them and understand how to deliver it. Many companies have performance reviews, but feedback needs to be continual for effective progression because it:

  • Is always there – there is always something to improve or comment on
  • Motivates to perform better – feel valued and more appreciation
  • Is a tool for continued learning
  • Teaches effective listening


Influencing and inspiring

Many of us have great ideas that could save money and make significant change but getting people to sit up and listen is a skill that also:

  • Creates ways to amplify successes
  • Gains confidences
  • Learns to use words for conviction
  • Shows genuine appreciation


Courage and Confidence

Courage and confidence are two different things. Having courage gives us the ability to face difficulty or danger without feeling scared. Confidence is the belief in oneself. Both are very key parts in being successful:

  • Everyone has the capability – learning how to use it is important
  • Brings out truth – we become honest about personal beliefs
  • Relationships with one another are improved – trust
  • Anxiety and fear lessen – we become surer about ourselves


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