Building and Managing Confidence

This workshop aims to empower attendees and show them how to take practical steps under pressure, giving them the confidence they need for visible short and long-term results.

Confidence is key to gaining trust. However, many people lose their confidence in work situations, when it really matters. For example, a client meeting, speaking with senior partners or pitching for business can make people feel self-conscious and project a dull ineffective version of themselves. The more people fixate on their own lack of confidence, and worry about feeling out of control, the more they reinforce a lack of confidence.

Key learnings:

  • Learn how to manage the feeling of social judgement
  • Gain awareness of where, and when, your confidence diminishes
  • Learn how to manage an unnatural situation
  • Convey authority with your voice and body language
  • Feel more confident when on the spot
  • Identify strengths and take ownership of strengths
  • Feel equipped to handle difficult speaking situations
  • Manage authority and people you perceive to be ‘more intelligent’

This is a one day or half a day workshop, tailored to your needs.

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