Presenting with Impact

A practical workshop designed to increase confidence and encourage delegates to be in control of the impact they make during presentations.

Example structure:

  • Preparing a Presentation: Getting under the skin of your content, rather than preparing to memorise a script or creating a power point slide show purely to use as a crutch, is the starting point for delivering an engaging and connected presentation. We’ll explore how to prepare a route map through the topic based on what we are trying to achieve and why. We’ll cover how to prepare properly in order to prevent problems arising that could throw you off your stride.
  • Managing Nerves: Body language, voice control and energy. Making small tweaks, through exploring our energy, body language and tone of voice will make a big difference to the way we manage our nerves and deliver a presentation.
  • Memory: Being spontaneous and memory aids.
  • Structuring: Hooking and engaging. A well-structured presentation is critically important, but often the challenge is deciding what not to say.
  • Know your audience: The most important single element of any communication process is the audience. Give your audience a reason to listen!
  • Bringing a presentation to life: Delivery and image.

The workshop will cover all of these areas, through fun and experiential learning. The workshop introduces a new approach, and ensures that your future presentations inform, persuade and entertain.

This is a one day or half a day workshop, tailored to your needs.

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