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After an interesting childhood stint in India, my family settled on the sunny south coast of England.  I settled in to school and I was doing fine academically but my school reports reveal that I was a “very nervous and shy child”.  I found drama, music and dance helped me which eventually led me to study Theatre and Film at Brunel University in 1997.  I became interested in how theatre could improve confidence and got involved with various projects while I was there.   After leaving university, and travelling to different parts of the world, I took an administrative role in a corporate Leadership Training and Development company. The company employed actors and psychotherapists to deliver training and coaching courses for executive level at several blue chip organisations.  We worked with many top City institutes.  I gained a solid foundation and sharp insight in to the world of communication – not only from making cups of tea for a variety of leaders but also from meandering my own way through my career.

The biggest eye opener was that ‘people’ are everything.  People energise a company. People focus a company. People get results for a company.  While I was working for this company, I took courses in NLP and Life coaching with the Coaching Academy and explored FIRO B, MyersBriggs, Gestalt and numerous training models that helped people progress effectively.  I went through great challenges in my professional and personal life which prompted me to create a programme for graduates and students – helping them beat nervousness, grow presence, manage bullies and speak with flow and confidence, particularly under pressure.

My courses have evolved and I’m always learning.  Those transitional stages of life is where my work, based on goals and communication, can make the difference.

Courses – BA Hons Degree. Strength Development Inventory. Myers Briggs Type. Firo B. Thomas Kilman. Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Presentation. Negotiation. Communication.

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