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My Book

My book is coming out in December, here is a glimpse from the introduction…

A Very Nervous Child

I look back at my school reports when I was at boarding school in 1988. I was getting good marks, but I was perceived as a “very nervous child”. I wasn’t developing as a confident communicator – at all.

When I was at school, I often felt anxious. I would bite my nails and avoid looking people in the eye. I hated being put on the spot and my stomach would feel like a washing machine every time I was asked a question. I generally felt awkward talking to people.

My way of coping with this was to sit at the back of the classroom, hide my face and pretend I was invisible. My tactic seemed to work well. I became invisible at school, but I found it frustrating hiding myself away because I knew that I could be bold; I knew I had a much bigger personality outside the classroom.

Find out how I turned this around and what you can do about it! ‘Speak Up and Be Heard’ is out in December 2018.  

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