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What a year so far. My little boy has gone into year one and has an actual real life school time table now! It seemed like he was in a push chair a few days ago. I’ve reflected a lot on time this year and realised that actually I’m just a little dot travelling through a noisy world. Yes, the realisation that I’m nothing more than a dot puts a lot into perspective. I’ve been consciously making the most of every second which strangely helps me to feel more alive and happy. When ever I’ve worried about the past or future it’s zapped my energy and been completely pointless so 2018 is about being present and enjoying moments. Consequently, I seem be having a great year. Earlier on this year, I was asked to deliver a TEDx talk on communication – my favourite subject and I’ve just completed my book – Speaking Up: How to be heard” which is coming out in December! Plus I’ve found myself coaching many young people this year who struggle with communicating and I’m feeling really proud of it all. SO… “Enjoy yourself…It’s later than you think”

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