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5 Things we’ve discovered about standing out in an interview

  1. Demonstrate a confident handshake. The first physical contact with the interviewer will indicate your level of confidence and self esteem. Don’t be flimsy and don’t over do it. Practice a confident handshake with a smile.

  2. Reveal that you have the ability to learn lessons from past projects and work tasks. Write down a few scenarios before you go in to the interview related to the job competencies and what you learned from them. This will help you when you’re put on the spot.

  3. Show enthusiasm and passion, especially if you have less of the job experience. While you are preparing your interview, write down any hobbies and interests. Drop these in where you can.

  4. Show an interviewer that you can solve problems. Prepare competency stories that have required you to solve problems.

  5. Provide examples and evidence whatever the question!

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