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What a year so far! It seems that several companies are looking to go back to basics, within training and development, with a fresh demand for the traditional and robust presentation training programmes. Yes, we live in a digital age, with emails and mobiles, but face to face communication is still a vital part of successful progression and people who can inspire other people are a golden ticket in a company.

It’s very easy to present dull and ineffective robotic versions of ourselves when presenting. A key technique, to giving a good presentation, is to tell the story. Think about why you are presenting. To who. Use your imagination when presenting and, if we are to believe the thorough research conducted by Albert Mehrabian, then 93% of an audience’s feelings and attitudes belong to your body language and voice.  So if we like the presentation, we’ll engage. If your body language is uncomfortable and voice incongruous, or nervous, we’ll switch off!

It’s a skill we can all learn.

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