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I’m in.

There are two sides to the immigration issue, food issue, sovereignty issue, economy issue and blabla issue but it all seems so complicated, doesn’t it?  In fact, surely it’s the experts that can only truly understand.   Every time I read an article, tweet or blog, it generally feels like I’m looking in to a kolidescope of colourful and complicated arguments. Well, I suppose I am.

Put very simply, because I’m tired of reading articles that use esoteric language making it difficult to understand, I’d like to be part of the European Union. Yes, we pay money to be a part of it but we are the third highest richest nation and consequently there are many people involved in keeping the peace. That’s a lot of people on the same side. I like that.

One thing that is clear, from my untangling of words, is that if we reman IN we are creating more jobs, more opportunity and more security.

That is all.

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