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Resilience April 15

Resilience. Over the last few months, I’ve used this word over and over again. I’ve come across leaders, followers, students and graduates who all seem to be needing an extra dose of resilience. Competition is fierce, employers are demanding instant results and technology is forcing a faster pace of living.  If you’re feeling weak, it simply becomes overwhelming.  We only get one chance in this world so chose to cleverly attack with resilience. Don’t slip in to the quick sand. Here’s some good ideas that I’ve been gathering from highly effective people recently.

1. Walking – I was speaking to a doctor recently who did a study with his patients. He had several patients visiting him, over a period of 3 years, with depression and stress and they would ask to be referred to a councillor.  He would send them away and ask them to walk a mile a day for 6 weeks. When he followed up, 6 weeks later, with each patient, he discovered that 70 % of them demonstrated positive changes in their outlook and didn’t need referring.

2. ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen’ – you get the sack? So what? Find another job. Don’t put up with poor behaviour. A waste of life.

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