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Top Tips – More Confidence & Presence

1. DO A BODY AUDIT. Write down what happens to you when you get nervous or feel insecure. Your body will automatically become stiff and often hunched. Practice standing up right and opening up

2. KNOW YOUR SUBJECT AND PREPARE. Prepare, prepare, prepare. You can’t always predict a subject and if you don’t know the answer to a question just reply that you’ll ‘come back later’.  What’s the worse that can happen if you don’t know the answer to one question but know enough about your subject.

3. TURN ON SOME ENERGY.  When we feel ‘on the spot’ or nervous, our energy becomes stiff or leaks out and we present dull (or hyperactive) versions of ourselves.

4. STAND IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR. Look at the experience that people are getting when they watch you or listening to you. Are you interesting?

5.  THINK ABOUT RESULTS OVER EGO. IF you are thinking about your ego people will switch off. If you are thinking about results you are being inclusive and giving other people a reason to listen!

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